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2016 Registration is Complete


Late arrivals need to contact President Brian Dubaskas or Vice President Eric Fisher

Registration dates for West Side Little League

Baseball and Softball

For more information visit:

                    Sat. Jan 23rd              Larksville Borough bldg.                     10am-Noon

                    Sat. Jan 30th             Plymouth Borough bldg.                    1pm-3pm

                    Wed. Feb. 3rd            Edwardsville Borough bldg.               6pm-7:30pm

                    Sat. Feb. 20th                  Courtdale Borough bldg.                    10am-1pm

                    Thur. Mar 3rd           Courtdale Borough bldg.                    6:30pm-7:30pm


  *You may register from ANY town at ANY location*

  • Any child living in Edwardsville, Larksville, Plymouth, Luzerne, Courtdale or Pringle is eligible.

  • Any child who goes to a school in one of these towns is also eligible under the “School Rule.”

  • All registrants must provide 3 proofs of residency (driver’s license, car insurance, utility, etc.) See   for more info on what proofs you need. Bills must be dated between 2/1/15 and 2/1/16.  Note:  If your Child attends State Street Elementary, you only need provide most recent report card.

  • All new registrants must furnish a copy of their birth certificate.

  • You may download and fill out the medical and registration forms from our website and  pre-fill them out to speed up the process  (WWW.WSLITTLELEAGUE.ORG)   

  • Volunteers (includes coaches/team moms/umpires) are needed and are required to fill out the volunteer form for background check - Photo ID required.

  • Shirt sizes are needed at time of registration – samples provided at sign ups

  • Late fees of $10 per player applied after last registration date

  • Split level families will use the Jr./Sr. fee level. Jr./Sr. registration dates TBA later



T-Ball an Coach Pitch

$50 + $50 = $100 (includes 10 calendar tickets*)

Minor and Major Baseball/Softball

$65 + $50= $115 (includes 10 calendar tickets*)

T-ball to majors (4-12) multiple players

$100 + $50 = $150 (includes 10 calendar tickets*)

Jr./Sr. (13-16)  1 player

$85 + $50 = $135  (includes 10 calendar tickets*)

Jr./Sr. (13-16) multiple players

$170 + $50= $220   (includes 10 calendar tickets*)


*You can recoup lottery fees by reselling your tickets.


T-Ball (ages 4-6)- age 4 after 8/31/2015

Coach Pitch Baseball (ages 6*-8)- age 6 after 8/31/2015*age 6 requires 1 year of t-ball

Minor League Baseball (ages 7-10*) age 7 after 8/31/2015* age 10- no prior experience

Major League Baseball (ages 9*-12) age 9 after 8/31/2015*9&10 year olds selected pending tryouts

Junior League Baseball (ages 13-14) age 13 by 4/30/15

Senior League Baseball (ages 15-16) age 15 by 4/30/15

Minor League Softball (ages 7-10) age 7 by 12/31/14

Major League Softball (ages 10-12) age 10 by 12/31/14

Junior League Softball (ages 13-14 age 13 by 12/31/14

Senior League Softball (ages 15-16 age 15 by 12/31/14


Payment in Cash or Check (written to West Side Little League)


Any questions please call Brian Dubaskas at 570-288-6559 or Eric Fisher at 570-706-6204